Welcome to Orinda Horsemen’s Association

Calling All East Bay Trail Riders!

Would you like to have direct access to hundreds of miles of trails? Are you craving healthy, outdoor activity with like-minded folks? For the first time in many years, Orinda Horsemen’s Association (OHA) has space available.

OHA May Be For You If

your horse would adapt well to a herd environment and you‘re interested in joining a community of people dedicated to the health and happiness of their equine partners, affordability, shared resources, and hands-on involvement in horse care and land management.

OHA Would Not Suit You If

you require a covered, all-weather, year-round  arena, need a permanent covered space for your horse, aren’t willing or able to hike to the herd’s location on our 443 acres of land, or can’t dedicate time to the cooperative’s maintenance and functional activities.

If you feel we may be a good fit for you and your horse, check out our membership criteria.

If you have questions, please write



Come join our happy herd!