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Membership Information & Applications

Multiple rangeland pastures of 5 to 32 acres on 443 acres EBMUD grazing lease.
Horses depend on pasture most of the year. Beginning around late summer, when seasonal forage becomes sparse, OHA provides supplemental hay for about five months, till the rainy season brings back the grass.
Spring-fed troughs in all pastures.
8 stalls for temporary off-pasture needs (electricity, spring fed cold water).
Seasonal arena (not covered).
Direct access to Tilden and EBMUD Recreation Trails.
EBMUD trails require permit, $10/year as of 2021. Details
Through Tilden and EBMUD trails, access to most parks and EBMUD trails in the greater East Bay.
Membership Types
Individuals and FamiliesAssociated with a Proprietary Member
Pastures 1-2 horses at OHA *Does not pasture horses at OHA
Use of property and all facilitiesUse of property and all facilities
Rides and cares for own horses, eligible to ride and care for additional OHA horses as agreed to by Proprietary Member ownersEligible to ride and care for horse(s) of sponsoring Proprietary Member, and additional OHA horses as agreed to by Proprietary Member owners
Voting as allowed by OHA rules 
Eligible to serve on the Board 
Eligible to sponsor Associate Members 
** To be eligible for Proprietary membership, you must keep at least one horse on pasture at OHA.
Yearly Dues (paid biannually)
$1100 per horse $314
Yearly Work Hours
1 horse – 25 hours, 2 horses – 40 hours 6 Hours
Membership Requirements
Must be at least 21 years of age *
Must have health insurance
* For Proprietary memberships, age requirement applies only to Primary member
Horses (Proprietary Members only)
Must have up-to-date vaccination records and Horse Health Certificate.
Must be able to live peaceably in a herd environment. *
Must be able to be safely handled by others. *
Geldings and mares only – no stallion.s
Must be rideable. **
* If a horse is discovered to be chronically aggressive, such that other horses or humans are injured or at risk of injury, the member may be asked to move the horse out of OHA.
** Some horses who’ve lived here many years have aged well on the pasture. However, OHA is not a retirement facility, and we do not accept new horses who are already retired.
Membership Criteria
All members should have time and ability
To complete yearly work hour commitment, including
physical work on the pasture; organizing, facilitating, carrying out ranch upkeep and administrative operations; serving on the Board of Directors; monitoring and ensuring the health and safety of all horses in the herd; and other miscellaneous tasks
Proprietary Members: 1 horse – minimum 25 hrs/year.
Proprietary Members: 2 horses – minimum 40 hrs/year.
Associate Members: minimum 6 hrs/year.
To complete alloted number of herd feedings August-September through early spring
Feeding allotment varies each year, based on number of Proprietary Members and number of days herd will require additional nutrition.
Beginning and end of feeding season varies each year, mainly depending on rainfall.

How will these time requirements for ranch work fit into your life?

As a cooperative, we don’t employ hired help.

As a member, your commitment to the work is essential.
All members should have willingness
To be collaborative and collegial, even in conditions of conflict or disagreement
To accept operational decisions, especially when such decisions run counter to your own beliefs on the issue
To accept a variety of approaches to horse care and horsemanship
To be friendly and decent with all members

How will you deal with disagreements?  Are you comfortable with democratic decision making?  Are you comfortable “counting to ten” if conflict arises?

In 2010, OHA adopted our Culture of Cooperation.

As a cooperative, we are egalitarian, we contribute equitably and democratically.  There is no “ultimate authority”.

When members have divergent ideas on how to proceed, decisions take time, and emotions can run high.

As a member, you must have the ability to temper your behavior, no matter how strongly you feel.

Additional Membership Criteria
Proprietary and Associate Members
Should be able to commit to seeing their horse(s) at least weekly
Should live or work within 25 miles of the pasture
Proprietary Members
Should be sole owner or lessee of horse(s) brought to pasture
Should provide at least two outside (non-OHA) references who can attest to their abilities with horses
All members should
Have basic knowledge of their horse(s)
Have general understanding of what to do in a horse emergency
Possess basic horse care and safety skills
Know or be open to learning about herd environment and dynamics
We also consider novices – Being highly motivated to learn it all goes a long way!
Horses should
Be healthy
Be able to maintain soundness, weight, and overall health on pasture
If a horse becomes chronically unable to maintain soundness, weight, and overall health on pasture, the member may be asked to move the horse out of OHA