I have always marveled at what a unique and special place the Orinda
Horseman’s Association pasture is and wondered how it came to be.

On hearing that one of the charter members is a local history
enthusiast I asked if he’d be willing to create a written answer to this question. It
seemed particularly appropriate to look back on the eve of our 30th anniversary.

Loren Furtado has done a wonderful job of capturing the distinctive
characteristics of the OHA and placing it in a broader historical context. On behalf of
the OHA board and membership I want to extend a profound `thank you’ to Loren Furtado for
his year-long effort creating this account. In enjoying our inheritance may we be worthy
of the trust and hopes placed by those who went before, and preserve and enhance it for
those who follow.

Fred Goff


President, Orinda Horseman’s Association


September 10, 1997

The Story of the Orinda Horseman’s Association


A Brief History 1968 to 1997

The Orinda Horseman’s Association is a non-profit, tax exempt California Corporation,
established in December 1968 to provide a legal entity to lease property from the East Bay
Municipal Utilities district for the purpose of grazing horses belonging to members of the
association. The Franchise Tax Board, on 9/21/70, advised the OHA, that as a social and
recreational organization, it was exempt from state franchise or income taxes. The
Association grazes approximately 38 horses on the leased property and pays a fee to EBMUD
adjusted to the annual changes in the price of livestock. There are approximately 28
proprietary members of the OHA at the time this paper was written .