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The following section on personalities of the OHA, past and present is intended to be
neither inclusive, nor exclusive, but is merely a list of families and/or individuals who
have made contributions known to the author. It is recognized that many other people also
have done so. The sum total of all contributions has made the Association a successful

Dorothy and Robert Bolt were founding proprietary members of OHA. Dorothy Bolt was
elected the first President and Bob the third President of OHA. Dorothy Bolt chaired the
negotiating team which worked out the arrangement for the original lease of the El
Toyonal-Wildcat pasture from EBMUD and personally submitted the proposed “Articles of
Incorporation” to the State office in Sacramento for approval. Bob Bolt was active in
pasture affairs until his death in 1983. Daughter Hillary Trippe, after years without a
horse, rejoined the association in the 1990’s and was until recently was an active member.

Joan Sanford was a founding proprietary member of OHA and the first Vice-President of
OHA. She was liaison to the young female members. Her daughter was an early member.

Robert Lewman was a founding proprietary member of OHA and the second President of the
Association. Bob participated in the negotiations with EBMUD which led to the original
property lease and the organization of OHA. Bob was an ardent horseman who participated
actively in all aspects of pasture life. He enjoyed helping the youth with their horses.
He served as President for approximately six years in the 1970’s and represented the OHA
over that period, establishing the foundation for excellent relationships with officers of
the District which OHA now enjoys. Bob died in 1991. In appreciation for his many years of
service, the members of OHA planted a tree at the pasture in his memory.

Loren Furtado’s family was among the charter proprietary members of OHA. Loren Furtado
served as Treasurer for four years in the 1970’s and President for two years in the
1980’s. Daughter Linda Furtado has served on the Board of Directors and a term as
President in the 1980’s at a time when fundamental changes in pasture management were
being put into effect. Linda and Rod Tripp of EBMUD put together the first grazing plan
approved by EBMUD. Daughter Marcia has served briefly on the Board of Directors. Linda and
Marcia learned to ride at Altarinda on Smokey, the family’s big Appaloosa gelding, which
lived to be 32 years and died at the pasture. As an active horsewoman, Marcia’s interests
are in jumping and eventing. Thanks to Marcia for the many hours spent helping to produce
and edit this paper.

Robin Phillips family was among the charter proprietary members of OHA. Robin served as
the first Treasurer of the Association. It was a common sight during the 1970’s to see
Robin and her daughters Shannon and Cindy trotting across the pasture, Cindy bringing up
the rear on her pony.

Lens Cogdell and his daughter Heidi Kader have been active members of OHA since the
early 1970’s. Both have served on the Board of Directors. Lens has been construction
superintendent on many a project, providing invaluable expertise. Everyone knows that
horseback riding is not without risk. Lens, an experienced rider suffered a serious
accident in Spring 1997 when his horse reared while crossing over a log and fell over
backwards pinning Lens underneath. Gailyn Johnson and passersby were able to
extricate Lens and rush him to Alta Bates Hospital. He is well on the road to recovery and
has been spotted back in the saddle again. Involving less risk to life and limb, Lens is the
recognized and undisputed horse shoe pitching champion of OHA.

Lucile Arnon was a member of OHA since the early 1970’s until her death in 1986. Lucile
was an experienced and ardent horsewoman. She was accustomed to ride on Saturdays with
Jane Binder and explored the far reaches of the pasture, Tilden and Briones Parks. Lucile
did a masterful job as Secretary for four years during the 1970’s.

Jane Binder joined the OHA about 1976 and has been active ever since, participating in
many activities and serving the Association as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President.
Jane has the well deserved reputation of always being helpful whenever someone needs a
hand. Daughter Cynthia is now a member in her own right. Jane enjoys Trail Trials, a new
event sponsored by the California Horseman’s Association. She won third place overall in
1996 events which involved surmounting obstacles encountered in 12 to 15 mile cross county
riding, e.g. fallen trees, creek crossings, opening gates, etc. Jane has intimate
knowledge of area trails, perhaps more so than any other OHA member.

Bud Holmes was a very friendly and sociable member in the early 1980’s. He was a
machinist by trade, and is a Utah cowboy by birth and by nature. He had a handsome Bay
Appendix Quarter Horse named Vic. One of his favorite pastimes was roping bushes in the
ring pasture. Many pleasant days were spent by members, after riding, sitting in his
camper talking, and drinking `cowboy coffee.’ He is still an active horseman in Utah at
age 81.

The Anderson family joined OHA shortly after the acquisition in 1975 of the Lower
Pasture, and was involved in planning and building facilities in the Lower Pasture. Es
Anderson and her husband Jock are earnest environmentalists. They have worked to improve
the ecology of the pasture. Daughter Bubbs and Elizabeth and husbands John and Kim are now
active members of the Association. Es, Kim and Bubbs all served as members of the Board of
Directors during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Mary Anne Wallace joined the OHA in 1975 after acquisition of the Lower Pasture. She
worked to improve facilities in the Lower Pasture and to build and electrify fences
designed to improve utilization of forage. She served as a member of the Board of
Directors and briefly as President during the 1980’s.

Victor Johnson joined the OHA in 1972 and was an active participant until his departure
from the area. Vic served as OHA Treasurer in the late 1970’s. He organized frequent trail
rides throughout the area which were notable for their scenic interest and the sumptuous
food and drink served upon their conclusion.

Shirley Delsart and KJ Destination or “Dusty” as Shirley calls him are
champs. Shirley and Dusty have just finished in third place in the 100 mile Tevis
Endurance Ride held in July 1997 from Squaw Valley to Auburn over the Sierra. 1996 was
Shirley and Dusty’s best year so far. They finished first, second or third and Dusty had
the high vet score at every 100 mile ride they entered. Shirley and Dusty represented the
United States at the World Endurance Championships in Kansas, helping to win a team gold
medal. Dusty also completed 4,000 miles of endurance competition. Shirley came to the OHA
in 1987 via the sponsor route, and became a proprietary member in 1988. She has served on
the Board of Directors four years, one year as Vice-President.

Alice and Richard Brown have been members of OHA since the 1970’s. Alice served as
President during the early 1980’s. During her term she vigorously defended the Board’s
decision to terminate a membership when the Board determined that requirements of the
probationary rule had not been met. Also, and importantly, the requirement for mandatory
twice yearly worming of horses was started over considerable opposition of some members.
More recently Alice has maintained the emergency medical kit beneficial to the membership.

Heather Felt became a member of OHA in 1992 and during her five years has served four
on the Board of Directors, one year as Secretary and one as President. She was President
when EBMUD announced its intent to revise its earlier Master Plan and began the steps to
implement the District’s “No Net Impact Policy” for the protection of the natural ecology of
the grazing lands.

Morris Older joined the pasture in 1985. Since joining OHA, he has worked tirelessly in
many capacities, ranging from fixing fences to negotiating leases. Morris served six years
as President, maintaining rapport among contentious factions. He has also served twice as
Secretary. For many years Morris has represented OHA with the EBMUD working successfully
to develop capital improvements approved by the District under its lease rebate program
and to best utilize forage by the timely moving of horses. Most importantly, Morris Older
has worked to make membership in the OHA an enjoyable experience. He is an active horseman
interested in endurance riding.

Lisa Jordan came to the OHA eight years ago as a sponsor. Since becoming a proprietary
member, Lisa has served four years on the Board, a term as President and a term as
Vice-President. Lisa is an active horsewoman with interests in trail riding, dressage and
endurance riding. As President, Lisa initiated an important management tool, a critical
timeline chart including dates for performance of specific tasks such as clinics, moving
horses, etc.

Gailyn Johnson has enjoyed membership since 1989. She has served as a board member and
two years as Secretary. Gailyn is the unofficial archivist of OHA, preserving pictures and
memorabilia. Members who have photos, old as well as new, are urged to send copies to
Gailyn for the archives. Gailyn is an active horsewoman and is encouraging youth
participation. Her young daughter is an enthusiastic future horsewoman.

Fred and Edith Goff joined OHA in 1994. Fred has served as President since 1996.
Recognizing the importance of having a record of the Association’s history, Fred requested
the author to research and prepare this paper. He has utilized a management style which
involves delegation of assignments to members to best tap their knowledge and skills. An
inventory of such is being maintained. This management technique has been well received by
members who are working cooperatively on many tasks. Fred’s goal is to have people
appreciate what a unique and wonderful place the Orinda horse people are privileged to