Where we began


The Story of the Orinda Horsemen’s Association

A Brief History, 1968 to 1997


By Loren M. Furtado, Member 1968–1990


I want to thank Fred Goff for asking me to take on this project. Thanks also to all
who provided information and participated in the interviews that made this account
possible. For the final production, we are indebted to Marcia Furtado’s transcription;
Morris Older’s editing, format, and design; and Debby Young’s rendition of Renee Benoit’s
original (but lost) T-shirt design.

Loren Furtado

(C) Copyright 1997, Orinda Horsemen’s Association


  Orinda Before the Tunnel
  Birth of the Orinda Horsemen’s Association
  Pasture Needed
  Notable Improvements
  Recurrent Concerns
  Incidents and Events
  Relationship with EBMUD
  Authority of the President and Board

About the Author:

Loren Furtado grew up in Merced, California, received his degree in economics and
business at the University of California at Berkeley, and spent his professional career in
university management, retiring as Assistant Vice President in Charge of Budget and
Planning for the nine campuses of the University of California. Loren and his wife, Mary, were longtime residents of
Orinda, and their daughters, Linda, Marcia, and Carla, have all been active in OHA.

Note: This history was written in 1997. Loren passed away in 2009.