Our Pasture

Invasive plant control info (i.e. work you can do!) and articles about grassland management    — Updated 9/16/20

Pasture List of Tasks 

In general the intent of our hand work is to enhance the effectiveness of the grazing horses – to manage for healthy plant community, good forage, increased grazeable acres. Our hand work also has to compensate for (and prevent) fire, which otherwise would be a balancing force in our oak grassland.

JANUARY Feed on Weeds
FEBRUARY Crossfence Maintenance
Coyote Bush seedlings – hand pull
MARCH Hemlock – hand pull
Coyote Bush seedlings – hand pull
Scotch Broom – pull & cut
APRIL Hemlock – mow
Mustard/Thistle – weedeat or mow
Artichoke Thistle – look for survivors
Purple Star Thistle – look for survivors
MAY Hemlock – weedeat & mow
Mustard/Thistle – weedeat or mow
JUNE Teasel – behead & cut stalks
JULY Teasel – behead & cut stalks
Yellow Star Thistle – pull & remove
Tule Control…
AUGUST Structure Maintenance
Stall Maintenance
SEPTEMBER Coyote Bush – cut mature plants
Clear Defensible Space
OCTOBER Scotch Broom – cut, pull mature plants
Coyote Bush – clear corrals
Feed on Weeds
NOVEMBER Feed on Weeds
Trail Maintenance
DECEMBER Feed on Weeds

Bentflower Fiddleneck (rare & endangered – do not pull): https://www.calflora.org/cgi-bin/species_query.cgi?where-taxon=Amsinckia+…

Common Fiddleneck: https://www.calflora.org/cgi-bin/species_query.cgi?where-calrecnum=326

California Invasive Plant Council: https://cal-ipc.org/

California Invasive Plant Council: Weed Workers Handbook: httpss://www.cal-ipc.org/resources/library/publications/wwh/

California Invasive Plant Council: Best Practices for Herbicide use in Wildland Management: https://www.cal-ipc.org/ip/management/BMPs/BMPHerbicide.pdf/

Calflora – plant database: https://www.calflora.org/

California Native Grasslands Association: https://www.cnga.org/


 teasel flyer 2013
Purple Star Thistle: Cal-IPC_ Invasive Plants of California’s Wildland.pdf
yst seedling.jpeg