Emergency Basic Info

Emergency Contacts

Stay Safe! Don’t become a victim! Get help!

      1. Call PARK POLICE/FIRE 510-881-1121 and give them the nearest fire road number (45-15 Pavilion,
        5-16 Wildcat Canyon Road or 45-17 Inspiration Point).
      2. Move away from the fire!
      3. Then call a Board Member and Get Help!
      4. Board member on site is in charge – follow directions.

When reporting an emergency, know where you are:

  • Lower Horse Trail:  From El Toyonal (Beer Can Gate) down to intersection of Wildcat Canyon/San Pablo Dam/Bear Canyon Rds  
  • Upper Horse Trail:  From Mrs. Longs up through USR and UPP to Seaview and Tilden park
  • Baby Bottle Trail:  From El Toyonal (near Taj) up past water tanks, Baby Bottle Pond, all the way past UPP hay enclosure to forest
  • Pipeline Trail:  From intersection near water tanks, straight up through gate to UPP, ends at  Brome cross trail
  • Brome Trail:  NS trail from Upper Horse trail to the Humongous Fungus (where merges with Baby Bottle Trail)
  • Wildcat Canyon Trail: from Forest up to Inspiration Point.
  • Lower Pear Orchard Pasture: pasture along San Pablo Dam Road
  • PearOrchard:  area above Lower Pear Orchard, not currently part of any rotation, grazed only by goats
  • Lower Pasture (we’ve called LLP): large part of LowerPasture, includes water trough, pylon, large hay enclosure
  • Beer Can Pasture: east of El Toyonal, enter by Beer Can gate (we’ve called it LP or upper LP)
  • Sullivan Pasture: across from Mrs. Longs (we called it USR)
  • Pond Pasture:  from El Toyonal past the Pond, includes Pond, Pond Barn, etc
  • Plateau Pasture:  Above the Pond Pasture from Upper Horse Trail to line just above the Pond
  • Forest Pasture(new!):  from the fence above the Pond to Wildcat Canyon Rd, includes trail to Inspiration Pt.
  • Forest Meadow Pasture
  • Middle Meadow Pasture
  • Lower Sullivan Pasture


Shelter in Place: The Ring Pasture (Per Fire Department)